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Would you like to learn how to play the guitar on your own or improve how you play now?
Would you like to be able to express yourself more confidently through your instrument?

The ultimate method for those who want to improve their technique, expressiveness, and personality in playing the guitar has finally arrived. A definitive course that reveals all the secrets and techniques you need to improve, evolve, and leave your mark through the experience of CPM Milan teachers and under the guidance of one of the greatest guitarists and teachers of all time, Franco Mussida.
You can now find all the technical help you need in The Electric and Acoustic Guitar Encyclopedia - the essential tool for cultivating your passion for music!
Because the guitar lessons are organized progressively by difficulty and materials, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

You can study various performance techniques as well as modern styles and interpretations of guitar playing - all on your own time and at your own pace.
This revolutionary software also offers you the opportunity to observe your teachers in videos, slow down the recordings, set loops, record and print the lessons, and even send recordings of your performances to the teachers for an evaluation.

All this will be available to you whenever you want, any day, any time.
Select an exercise, observe and enlarge the details, listen to different sounds, observe every movement, slow down the bases, and follow the scrolling musical score; it follows you, you just play.  Learning to play the guitar has never been so easy!

Each exercise, study, and piece is recorded in a variety of formats: audio, MIDI, video, text, and graphic. Would you like to discover how to play with finger picking or tapping? Have you been wanting to improve your right hand technique?  Imagine you are there, right next to your teacher, who is glad to repeat the exercises, studies, and pieces you want as many times as you want, to show you and describe each and every movement and the correct position.
Today this answer to all your dreams finally has a name: The Electric and Acoustic Guitar Encyclopedia - The Ultimate Method.
3 volumes divided by genre that offer you all the best of modern guitar teaching methods.
Multiply the more than 60 individual lessons by five teachers and you will have an idea of how much material is at your fingertips!
Now you can truly have everything you need to be the best you can be.
Available online and through authorized Mussida Musica Editore distributors.


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